My World by Helena

I am an ant. I live in a giant teacup that came from outer space and crash landed in my garden. My whole family lives in that teacup, we’ve made a whole ant city. As you probably know we are absolutely  tiny, our city doesn’t even fill up half of that teacup and when I stare out into the garden I think wow. The world is huge. Being tiny isn’t actually that bad ( except for the fact that lots of ant deaths happen because we get stepped on), but it’s not our fault humans are partly blind. That’s my world.

Unhelpful Kindness By Thomas 5P

It was an average day. Toby was walking in the beautiful fields. He stumbled across something quite out of the norm. It was a gigantic teacup! He had never seen anything so big yet delicate. The teacup was buried half in the thick soil but still exposed to the human eye. Toby intended to yank it out of the ground. Just as he was about to, a well-rounded face appeared on a short man with stubby legs. He looked kind and helpful. He asked ‘need some help?’ Little did Toby know that he was about to smash is to smithereens!

The First Cup EVER by Julian

Many moons ago, Egyptians were building crazy inventions except somebody found this cup in the sand but this cup was the first ever cup. Scientists have tried to find evidence of discovery to find this cup ever since the Egyptian times.

A girl called Emily, whose dream was to find the first ever cup now officially has evidence to find it. She set off into adventure in the forest. After many hours Emily was extremely tired and wanted food and water but  had demolished it ages ago. As she sat down Emily saw behind a rock the cup so she grabbed it and went home happily.


I’m Meant To Write A Story by Irsia

Once upon a time, a giant dropped a teacup. No, I can’t start with that. Well, anyway… a giant dropped a teacup, one thousand years ago. It’s now overgrown, and, as you could guess, massive – because it belonged to a giant.

Do you think I’m doing well? I hope so. Any feedback? No?

So. Once upon a time a giant dropped a teacup. Oh dear! I said I wouldn’t start with that. Um, I think I might get in trouble for this homework… oops. But as long as I write exactly one hundred words, no more, does it really matter?


what seems like a good day by Ela

The day was warm, and the fresh air ran through my black,glossy hair as I ran through the meadows treasuring this moment like a blacksmith would treasure gold. I was running free through the fields for once no horrible auntie to control me.  ‘Mary come right back here, right now you’re in big trouble you are come here’ screeched a tall stern looking lady. ‘No run Mary run  she’s coming why now why  ?’ moaned Mary miserably. Mary stopped in her tracks and stared at the green grass below, she spotted a small bird gliding through the blue sky how he was lucky he was free! Mary looked up she saw something shooting down straight at her in the sky .She gazed  curiously at it as it fell down,down and down right at her . 1994  23rd of April was the day Mary smith Williams died .