The forgotten teacup By Jasper

In the middle of the wet, slimy field, there lay an old, forgotten teacup with mold and moss glued down onto the wet surface. Half submerged by the muddy ground the cup sat there crying in the cold rain, raindrops acting like tears. Remembering is life back at his warm cupboard filled with his friendly plates and bowls. He wished he was back. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as if there was a drum in the ominous sky. The rain was pelting now and trees were rustling as if they were arguing to each over. The teacup stared lost at the dark sky, scared and upset.

The bunny that came to tea by Charlotte 5Pesotto

With the sun shining a new day had dawned. Beautiful birds sang from far and wide. clouds roamed here and there. Leah woke up in  deep thought. who else should invite? she wondered to her self she thought about it on the way back from school...Until...boom!!!!!she ran over to inspect the crisis at hand she watched as an adorable bunny hoped up to the giant piece of china in the form of a tea cup  and somehow he was able to lift it and fit it down his hole I chased after him and down his hole to a rather good looking shack "Any tea love?" the bunny asked "um sure" we found that we were good friends before we knew it so I asked if he wanted to come to my tea party and he said "yes

The jealous mountain by Elvin

One there was a giant named Jeffly who entered a competition that would show who was the tallest. A mountain named Bobbly who also entered. So when the results came in it was close but Jeffly won, but then Bobbly got his chance for revenge when Jeffly sat next to the mountain for tea, so Jeffly sat down and pulled out a cup and kettle to make black tea. But he didn’t realise that bobbly sneaked up to and then Bobbly squashed him and his only trace was a half buried cup that was discovered by Jefflys friends.

The End

Giants by George

They were as big as a house, their hands were as big as a car and feet the size of a lorry. There were lots of them. And these creatures all travelled in packs and one bunch lived in London in a park. Back then they were the only living thing. They sneaked around playing hide and seek and believe it or not they loved tea – steaming hot boiling to the brim and bubbling over the top. One day they walked home from a picnic with strides as big as a football pitch but leaving behind one of their giant cups.

The Shrinking Shrimp By Ivan Reviakin

In USA children slept but Stuart and his dog Davy were at a gobsmacking disco party until twilight. At the party they were guzzling lavish beverages. One of them was called “The Shrinking Shrimp”. Nobody dared to even think about drinking from this peculiar looking bottle, but Stuart drank it and for some reason felt sick!

Suddenly as if in a nightmare, he turned out to be as small as an ant. He stood up, because Davy gambolled at him rapidly so he dashed for safety in a tea cup which he had found lying in the ground, so he went into a deep sleep in it!